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India To Surpass China In US Visas Issued By 2023

New Delhi [India]: India is expected to out rank China in issuance of US Visas as early as 2023. India will soon rank number 2 in Visa issuance after Mexico, a senior official at the US Embassy reported.

“We expect that India will surpass China in getting the number of US visas by next year’s summer. After Mexico, India is expected to rank number 2 in the issuance of US Visas,” the offical said in New Delhi.

The senior US Embassy Official in New Delhi further announced that they are opening slots in mid-November.

“For various kinds of visas, we would not have much wait time. Each separate category has some wait time,” a senior US Embassy official added.

The U.S has opened up 100,000 slots for applicants of H and L worker visas. This has already happened which will cut down the wait times.

“India is a number one priority for Washington right now. We have big categories in students, high-tech workers, tourists, and business,” the official added.

Earlier, in October, the US embassy in India released over one lakh appointments for H and L work visa categories and for their family members.

“In response to the high demand for employment-based visas, the US Mission to India recently released over 100,000 appointments for H&L workers and their families,” the US embassy in India tweeted.

This was among the key assurances that the US mission has given after Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had raised the visa delay issue with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken last month.

The US embassy further said in the first nine months of 2022, the US Mission had already processed over 160,000 H and L applications and it will continue to prioritise H and L workers for visa appointments as resources allow.



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