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India’s G20 Presidency Has Been Incredible: Tidhar Wald


Kolkata (West Bengal): Tidhar Wald, Deputy Managing Director of Better than Cash Alliance in Kolkata on Wednesday said that India’s G20 presidency has just started but it has already been incredible.

We like the inclusion, he said at the conclusion of the first Global Partnership for financial inclusion meeting. “India’s G20 presidency has just started but it has already been incredible. We like the inclusion. India has made incredible progress in the last eight years in driving digital financial inclusion. A total of 1.34 billion digital IDs have been provided to the Indian population,” Wald said.

Mauricio Costa Maura, G20 delegate from Brazil said he is confident that India’s presidency will deliver what is expected. “We expect good deliverance at the end to prove financial inclusion across the globe,” he said.

The G20 delegate from Switzerland Jean Baptiste Deleze said: “We would like to thank the government of India, and the government of West Bengal for the commendable work. The organisation is admirable and the conditions for work are ideal here.”

The G20 delegates visited Kolkata’s Victoria Memorial on Wednesday. The delegates saw a picture and light show, and had a hearty meal. They appreciated Indian cuisine.

The first meeting of the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) Working Group of G20 under the Finance Track of India’s G20 Presidency began on Monday with a symposium through an engaging session on the role of digital public infrastructure to augment digital financial services.

The State Bank of India, GTX, UIDAI and Nabard, among others, took part in the symposium highlighting India’s digital innovations for advancing financial inclusion.

Delegates of G20 visited the stalls in the symposium and discussed digital innovations and steps that showcased innovations of digital inclusion of the masses on Monday.

Saurabh Garg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UIDAI said, “Through this workshop, digital innovations can help financial inclusions which in turn help in productivity gains which is being shown to all the G20 countries during this workshop. We have different organisations which are showing their products, such as Aadhaar, UPI, trade receivables, eSign or Digi Locker.”

“The objective is to help how India’s stack can be effectively utilised by people of different countries. And, it’s an exchange of information so that the people of different countries can benefit,” the CEO said during a media interaction.



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