“India’s Got Talent boosted my career”: Underwater dancer Jaydeep Gohil shares journey to fame

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Underwater dancer Jaydeep Gohil, who is popularly known as ‘Hydroman’, talked about how the reality show ‘India’s Got Talent’ boosted his career.

Speaking to media, Gohil said, “My experience with India’s Got Talent was a great one as I got a lot of fame and affection across the country thereafter. People all over country got to know about me and the fact that dance can also happen under water. They learned that there’s this boy from Rajkot, who dances underwater by holding his breath for a long time.

After my stint at ‘India’s Got Talent’, offers for live shows started coming from all over the country and I did many live shows. I was the first participant to get a golden buzzer at  India’s Got Talent, which, till date, has been given to only three participants at the show.

“During my performance at the show, Akshay Kumar sir was also there. He performed with me and gave me the golden buzzer. It came as a big boost to my career. I haven’t looked back since,” he added.

Sharing how he came to perform underwater dance, the ‘Hydroman’ said, “I learned swimming at the age of 10 and then started learning dance when I was in the 10th standard. When I was in Class 12, the idea of mixing swimming and dance, to present a whole new dance form, hit me. My father came up with the idea of dancing underwater.

One day, my father asked me to come along with him and his friends but I was reluctant. He said, ‘You can dance under water there’. The idea caught on with me and I started practising. The practice got me where I am today.”

‘Hydroman’ has become an overnight sensation with his unique performances within a specially designed water tank. His mesmerizing skills and captivating routines have left audiences spellbound.

With his incredible talent, Gohil has already made a mark on notable platforms like ‘India’s Got Talent’.

Recently, one of Hydroman’s videos went viral on social media, attracting millions of views and shares.

He has demonstrated his expertise with numerous performances, garnering massive following on social media platforms.

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