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Innerwear Is Saffron: PFI leader’s Remark Against High Court Judges

Alappuzha (Kerala) [India]: In the wake of recent provocative sloganeering, Kerala Popular Front (PFI) leader Yahiya Tangal on Saturday made a controversial remark against the High Court judges saying their “innerwear is saffron”.

At a rally in Alappuzha, Tangal said, “Courts are getting shocked easily now. High court judges are getting shocked after hearing the slogans of our Alappuzha rally. Do you know the reason? The reason is that their innerwear is saffron. Since it’s saffron, they will get heated very fast. You will feel the burn and it will disturb you.” In the viral video, a boy in a PFI rally in Alappuzha was seen raising the slogan that “Hindus should keep rice for their last rites and Christians should keep incense for their last rites. If your live decently, you can live in our land and if you don’t live decently, we know Azadi (freedom). Live decently, decently, decently.”

This came as a direct threat to the Hindu and Christian population living in Kerala, with PFI warning the death penalty if they don’t fall in line.

The Kerala Police on Friday arrested 18 more people in connection with the PFI sloganeering case.

Kerala High Court has directed police to take appropriate action against the Popular Front of India in connection with alleged provocative sloganeering in connection with the May 21 rally held in Alappuzha.

Earlier, PFI state president CP Muhammad Basheer on Tuesday said that the slogan was against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He added that his party will continue to fight and resist RSS terrorism.



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