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ISIS-K questions the Taliban’s exclusivist policies

According to the Islamic State – Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), the Taliban considers the “eradication of the Uyghur Muslims” as a Chinese domestic affair.

ISIS-K, the Taliban’s sworn opponent, claims to be the legitimate flag-bearer of jihad and has rejected the Taliban-US pact inked in Doha in February 2020. The ISIS-K, which has been blamed for some of Afghanistan’s bloodiest terror attacks in recent years, has called on the ‘mujahideen’ to join the war, stating that the “fighting has just begun.”The terrorist group ISIS-K has criticised the Taliban’s repeated meetings and travels to China, Iran, and Russia, calling them the “worst enemies of Islam.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Taliban Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Baradar discuss Afghanistan’s economic and political situation.

ISIS-K also released a picture of Taliban members praying beside the ISI commander in a propaganda magazine dubbed ‘Voice of Khurasan,’ stressing that the Taliban have several training camps and religious institutions in Pakistan.

In August of last year, the Taliban reclaimed control of Afghanistan and vowed to build an inclusive government, as desired by the international community, but this promise has yet to be fulfilled. In September, the Sunni Pashtun faction enlarged its cabinet to demonstrate its lack of inclusion by appointing members of ethnic minority populations such as Hazaras and Uzbeks to low positions. “Even now, there is a lot of infighting inside the group, and there is a lot of enmity amongst Pashtuns, Uzbeks, and Turkmen,” the ISIS-K wrote in its magazine.



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