Israel Shows Raw Footage Of Hamas Atrocities To Journalists


Tel Aviv [Israel]: Making the atrocities of Hamas loud and clear and an important issue in the world, the Israeli security forces conducted a press conference in which over 200 journalists attended the meeting on Monday.

In the news conference, the Israeli side showed up for around 44 minutes of raw and unedited visuals which was gathered by IDF Personnel during the war from Hamas body camera GoPro CCTV, Hamas smartphone and local phones.

Israel Securities Authority (ISA) released a video clip, purportedly showing Hamas terrorists confessing their active participation in the deadly terror attacks in southern Israel on October 7.

A video file provided by ISA Communications was attached to the statements of the Hamas terrorists, involved in the October 7 attacks, during interrogation, the Authority added.

In the video, the Hamas terrorists are purportedly heard saying that they were promised a stipend for taking civilian hostages from Israel to Gaza.

“Whoever kidnaps a hostage and brings them to Gaza is to get a stipend of USD 10,000 and an apartment,” a Hamas terrorist is purportedly heard saying in the video.
They are also heard saying that they were specifically instructed by their handlers to abduct elderly women and children.

They said they were also asked to “cleanse the houses and kidnap as many prisoners as possible,” one of the terrorists said.

“Her (a victim’s) dog came out and I shot him,” the terrorist is heard saying further in the video, adding, “Her body was lying on the floor, I shot her too. The commander yelled at me, saying (that) I was wasting bullets on a corpse.”

Another Hamas terrorist said after doing their handler’s bidding, they burned down two houses.

“We finished what we came to do and then burned down two houses,” he said.
Over the course of the ongoing investigations into the October 7 killings, a number of “themes” (nature and manner of crimes) have come up repeatedly, the ISA said in their statement.

While purportedly admitting to clear and explicit instructions received by Hamas to kill and abduct civilians, including the elderly, women and children, the terrorists, in the video clip, also shared other morbid details from of October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

Meanwhile, the ISA said the senior commanders of the military wing of Hamas (of the rank of company commander rank and above) stayed behind in safe houses and in hiding while sending their gunmen to fight, die or be arrested in Israel.

The Israel Security Forces reaffirmed their commitment to eliminate all terrorists involved in the massacre.

“The Security Forces of the State of Israel will settle all accounts with all terrorists who participated in the massacre on 7/10,” the statement said.

Launching unprecedented and coordinated attacks, an estimated 2,500 Hamas terrorists crossed over into Israel by land, air and sea, committing chilling acts of terror on civilians in southern Israel.

The attacks left 1,400 people, the majority of whom were civilians, dead, according to reports.

Some of these terrorists took at least 222 civilians hostage and brought them to Gaza, according to The Times of Israel.

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