Javed Akhtar Claps Back at Troll Calling Him ‘Gaddar’s Son’


Bollywood screenwriter Javed Akhtar, known for his outspoken views, recently responded to a social media troll who labeled him a ‘son of a Gaddar (traitor).’

Akhtar had posted a sarcastic comment about Joe Biden in the context of the upcoming US Presidential Elections 2024, saying, “I am a proud Indian citizen and till my last breath I will remain so but I have one common fact with Joe Biden. Both of us have exactly equal chance of becoming the next president of USA.”

A social media user then accused Akhtar’s father of being instrumental in the partition of India to create Pakistan, implying Akhtar’s family background was against India’s interests. The user wrote, “Your father was instrumental in making Pakistan in order to have a nation just for Muslims, then in the guise of a progressive writer he chose to remain in India. You are a son of Gaddar who divided our nation on d lines of religion. Now u say anything but this is the truth.”

Akhtar fired back, defending his family’s legacy of patriotism and their active role in India’s freedom movement. He replied, “It is difficult to decide whether you are totally ignorant or a complete idiot. From 1857 my family has been involved with freedom movement n has gone to jails and Kala Paani when most probably your baap-dadas were licking the boots of Angrez Sarkar.”

Javed Akhtar gained fame in the 1970s as a screenwriter, teaming up with Salim Khan to create iconic movies like Sholay (1975) and Deewar (1975). Known together as Salim-Javed, they shaped the golden age of Indian cinema. After their collaboration, Akhtar continued to script hits such as Betaab (1983), Saagar (1985), and Don: The Chase Begins (2006). His contributions earned him prestigious awards like the Padma Shri in 1999 and the Padma Bhushan in 2007, solidifying his legacy in Indian cinema and literature.

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