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Kerala Govt Hand In Glove With Terrorist Groups: MoS V Muraleedharan

Kochi (Kerala) [India]: Union Minister of State V Muraleedharan on Saturday slammed the Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF government alleging that it has a lenient view against terrorist activities and groups.

Speaking on the PFI sloganeering in Kerala’s Alappuzha, V Muraleedharan said, “It is much delayed. But I appreciate they were taken into custody. Such things happen in Kerala repeatedly because of covert support of the government in power. The government has taken a lenient view against terrorist activities and groups.” “Govt should take strict action against such people. It should be nipped in the bud. But that has not happened. That too in the district of Alappuzha which had recently seen such disturbances, and attacks with the support of the terrorist groups. That shows that the state government is hand in gloves with the terrorist groups who are active in the state,” claimed the Union Minister.

Speaking on Kerala CM’s allegation that 486 anti-christian attacks were done by the Sangh Parivar in the country, Muraleedharan said, “I would say that it doesn’t merit any reply. Because it’s a cooked-up story. I don’t know on what basis the CM is accusing BJP. If he accuses the BJP or the government of any violence in the states, it means that the state government has no role. The government of India doesn’t have any authority over the law and order situation.”

“As per the constitution, it is the state which has to control law and order. By logic and by argument, if the CM says that the responsibility lies with the BJP, then he should take the responsibility for the goonda attacks in the state, the attacks against the women, and the increasing terrorist activities in the state. So then that is the natural corollary of that.”

Kerala CM on Friday said, “Last year, 486 anti-Christian attacks took place in many parts of the country. There are those in the Sangh Parivar who think that the same can happen in our state. But unlike other states, they know that drastic action will be taken here.”



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