Kritika Kamra and Vijay Varma Star in Crime Drama ‘Matka King’


Actor Kritika Kamra is set to headline the much-anticipated crime drama series ‘Matka King,’ starring alongside Vijay Varma. Directed by the renowned filmmaker Nagaraj Manjule, known for his acclaimed films ‘Sairat’ and ‘Fandry,’ the series delves into the fascinating world of Matka gambling that gripped India from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Following her impactful portrayal of a lady gangster in ‘Bambai Meri Jaan,’ Kritika Kamra expressed her excitement about taking on another challenging role in ‘Matka King.’ “I am thrilled to be a part of ‘Matka King’ and to work alongside such an incredibly talented team,” she said. Kamra also highlighted the opportunity to collaborate with Vijay Varma, whose work she deeply admires, calling it an exciting opportunity.

Kritika Kamra emphasized the cultural significance of the series, noting, “The story of ‘Matka King’ is not only intriguing but also rich in cultural history. It’s an honour to be part of a project that draws inspiration from such a significant aspect of India’s past.”

Director Nagaraj Manjule expressed his confidence in Kamra’s ability to bring depth to her character, ensuring that her performance will resonate with audiences. With Vijay Varma and Kritika Kamra set to share the screen, ‘Matka King’ promises to deliver a narrative filled with suspense, drama, and historical context, offering viewers a compelling look into the era of Matka gambling in India.

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