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‘Liquor Queen’ K Kavitha Reduced VAT, Increased Commission: BJP’s Vivek Venkataswamy

Mancherial (Telangana): Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former MP Vivek Venkataswamy on Sunday called Bharat Rashtra Samithi MLC K Kavitha as “liquor queen” alleging that she reduced value added tax on the liquor and increased the commission on the same.

The BJP leader’s remarks came after K Kavitha was questioned by the ED on Saturday in connection with the Delhi excise policy case. She has again been summoned on March 16.

“Kavitha is called liquor queen as she decreased the 25 per cent VAT to 1 per cent. The commission of Rs.35 was increased to Rs.340. She took control of the 800 shops that the government institutions were distributing. Is this justice?” Venkataswamy said at a gathering at Mandamarri town in the Mancherial district.

He further accused Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao of looting the state and said that time is inching close to “dethrone” him.

“The Chief Minister is looting this state. The time has come, the elections are coming. They only have 6 months of time for remaining in power. In 6 months, we have the chance to dethrone KCR,” he said.

Claiming that the fortunes of KCR have changed after becoming the Chief Minister, the BJP leader said that there is a need to teach him a “lesson”.

“We have to teach him a lesson. We made efforts for the creation of Telangana to make our future better. But did our future become good? Did the future of the CM become good? His future went from low to high. Our hands won’t reach there, he has gone that far. There is a need to teach such a looting family a lesson,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, KCR alleged that BJP “cannot tolerate” the development of Telangana.

“In the background of Telangana’s welfare schemes, which have become an ideal for the country, attracting other states, BJP is indulging in many conspiracies with the hope that their party’s incompetence will not be revealed,” he alleged.



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