Manipur MLAs urge Amit Shah to restore peace, normalcy in state after violence


Imphal (Manipur) [India]: A group of 31 MLAs of Manipur has unanimously resolved to urge Union Home Minister Amit Shah to reach a conclusive resolution that will bring peace in the state, said an official statement from the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) Manipur on Wednesday.

According to the statement, the MLAs proposed to the Union Home Minister on replacing the 9th Assam Rifles, the 22nd Assam Rifles, and the 37th Assam Rifles with other central security forces that are more inclined towards promoting the unity of the state.

“They further said that there are concerns regarding the roles played by certain units of the Assam Rifles, which currently pose a threat to the cause of unity within the state,” the statement read.

The representation to the Union Home Minister also mentioned that a comprehensive investigation must be conducted into the public display of firearms and ammunition during the Peace March held on July 5, 2023, in Churachandpur, the release stated.

The statement further said that the representation raised significant questions regarding the source of these arms and ammunitions, as well as their continuous availability which play a crucial role in this violence, and the MLAs expressed their concern for the need to address this issue and prevent further replenishment of these illegal weapons.

The MLAs urged the Union Home Minister to take stronger and more effective actions against armed insurgent/cross border armed insurgent groups operating in the state in order to restore peace and normalcy, it added.

The MLAs also reiterated their commitment to initiating decisive measures against these armed groups that have violated the established ground rules of engagement.
It is inconceivable for any conflict to persist for such an extended period without the support of such armed factions, the statement added.

“The MLAs also affirmed that violence in peripheral areas must be halted. The central security forces must adopt a more proactive approach to ensure lasting peace in the region, which has been elusive over the past two months. Once all forms of violence and aggression cease in these areas, we can work towards achieving a peaceful solution through extensive consultations with all stakeholders involved”, the release stated.

It further said that the MLAs also urged that enhanced security measures, such as increased highway patrolling along the NH2 are required to facilitate the safe transportation of goods for the people of the state.

The completion of the border fencing along the Manipur section of the Indo-Myanmar border should be expedited, the statement added.

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