Manoj Tiwari Criticizes Delhi Water Minister Atishi Over Water Crisis


Amid the ongoing water crisis in the national capital, BJP’s newly elected MP from North East Delhi, Manoj Tiwari, has criticized Delhi Water Minister Atishi for blaming other states for the issue. Tiwari questioned why the tanker mafia is able to provide water while the government cannot.

Manoj Tiwari said, “Atishi has the Water Department, she cannot cry that there is no water in Delhi because the tanker mafia is taking out water from Delhi and giving it to the people, they are not filling the tanker with water from Haryana.” He added, “The tanker people get water but why is she (Atishi) not getting water? During this time, Delhi is also being given more water from other states but the pipes have not been repaired even once in 9-10 years. There is leaking in the pipes, the gutter water is getting mixed in the pipes. How can you blame others for that?”

Tiwari pointed out that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been in power for the last nine years, yet Atishi continues to provide excuses. “You can try to throw this issue on others, but providing water is the job of the Delhi government. However, you (AAP) have only looted,” he said.

The BJP leader further attacked Atishi, saying she should be ashamed that talking about providing water to the people of Delhi feels like an insult to her. “The Lieutenant Governor and Supreme Court are saying that the government should give people water. This means that when we are telling you to provide facilities to the public, it seems like abuse to you. If we raise the problems, you feel that we are abusing you,” Tiwari said.

Notably, the Supreme Court on Wednesday questioned the Delhi government over tanker mafias and wastage of water in the national capital, asking the AAP government to file an affidavit explaining the measures taken to prevent water loss.

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