Maya Hawke Teases Epic ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5: “Like Making Eight Movies”


Actress Maya Hawke has shared an exciting update on the filming of the highly anticipated fifth and final season of Netflix’s hit series ‘Stranger Things.’ Known for her role as Robin, Hawke described the ambitious scale of the upcoming season, comparing it to producing “eight movies,” according to Deadline.

The journey to bring Season 5 to life has faced numerous challenges, including production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a writers’ and actors’ strike in 2023. Despite these obstacles, filming for the final installment began in January 2024, setting the stage for a grand conclusion to the beloved sci-fi saga.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Hawke humorously acknowledged the show’s turbulent production history, saying, “This show has been a little bit cursed.” She praised showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer for their meticulous approach to storytelling and production, highlighting the extensive effort dedicated to crafting each season.

“Our showrunners, Matt and Ross, take a lot of responsibility. They have an amazing team of writers, but they’re very involved,” Hawke explained. “They write a lot and they are very intense and serious about the quality of the continued writing, and it takes a long time to write each season, and it takes a long time to shoot them.”

Hawke noted that the episodes in Season 5 will be substantial in length, contributing to the cinematic feel of the season. With eight episodes planned, she estimated that filming would span approximately a year, underscoring the detailed nature of the production process.

Reflecting on her character Robin’s evolution, Hawke previously expressed her desire for Robin to have a significant narrative arc, including a potential heroic moment. She also shared her thoughts on Robin’s romantic storyline, balancing the impact on character dynamics and screen time with co-star Joe Keery’s character Steve.

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