Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Pak uses drones to arm militants in J&K

Pakistan is using latest technology to arm militants and terrorists in the valley. It is also using contraband drugs t fund these nefarious activities. The Jammu & Kashmir police confiscated grenades, IEDs, pistols, ammunition on Friday airdropped by a Pakistani drone. In a first, the consignment also contained a chemical in liquid form.

Speaking on the matter J&K DGP Dilbag Singh, “We are analysing it to see what is it, it’s uses & what harm it could have done”.

Elaborating on the discovery, he further stated, “In the past 2 years we are facing a new challenge wherein narcotics & weapons are being sent to the region so that sale proceeds of narcotics can be used to fund terrorism. They’ll keep conspiring but our counter measures are also in place”.

“Last year a total of 182 terrorists were killed and over 300 weapons were seized. It clearly shows that Pakistan sending more weapons to make more & more militants but we are not allowing it to succeed.”



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