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Pakistan: PAC seeks probe into data leak of military officials


Islamabad [Pakistan]: Expressing concern over the data leak of citizens, especially of the Nadra military authorities of Pakistan, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday directed the Ministry of Interior to conduct a joint investigation into the matter, Dawn reported.

PAC Chairman MNA Noor Alam Khan said the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and Military Intelligence (MI), should also be included in the investigation team. “Everyone’s personal data is available on the internet.

Data of military authorities has also been leaked. How was it leaked from the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra)?” Dawn quoted the PAC chairman as saying as he directed the PTA to block the data online.

The PAC convened to review audit objections for the year 2019-20 related to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Meanwhile, during the hearing, the PAC was vexed over the absence of the secretary of Religious Affairs, Dawn reported.
It was informed that the secretary, who returned from Haj operations a day ago, had fallen ill.

PAC chairman Khan said, “Is he on a ventilator? In an emergency? Is he in the hospital? What is the disease?”, adding, “Does he know how much the pilgrims have suffered?”
“The secretary has fever, cough and infection,” an official from the ministry informed the members.

“After what you have done with Hajis, the FIA will look into this matter,” Khan said.
Khan also registered a complaint with the ministry against private operators who allegedly took Rs 2.5 million Pakistani Rupees (PKR) from aspiring pilgrims and failed to provide satisfactory services.

“They do not provide proper accommodation to the pilgrims and are rude,” Dawn quoted Khan as saying.

Upon inquiry, ministry officials informed PAC members that about 200 members/officials from the religious affairs ministry went to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.

The PAC, last month, urged President Arif Alvi and lawmakers, who had undertaken the Haj, to address issues faced by other pilgrims using the government scheme, Dawn reported.

It also warned of strict action against private operators who charged pilgrims Rs 2.5 million PKR or more in fees but failed to provide proper facilities.

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