Parul Gulati and Siddharth Nigam Discuss Their Roles in the New Show ‘Blue Tick’


Actors Parul Gulati and Siddharth Nigam recently opened up about their roles in the highly anticipated show ‘Blue Tick’. The series, which delves into the life of an influencer who rises to fame through viral videos, offers a deep look at the highs and lows of social media stardom.

Parul Gulati on Her Character

Parul Gulati, known for her roles in ‘POW – Bandi Yuddh Ke’ and ‘Haq Se’, portrays Pallavi, an ambitious young woman from Delhi with dreams of making it big. In an interview with ANI, Parul described her character’s pursuit of the coveted blue verification tick on social media platforms as a symbol of validation and acceptance.

“‘Blue Tick’ means getting verified, which for our characters, especially Pallavi, signifies making it into a world where Viraj (portrayed by Siddharth Nigam) is already a star. For Pallavi, getting that verification means becoming part of a community where she believes she can achieve something significant. It’s a form of validation for her,” Parul explained.

She further related her own experiences to the character, sharing how social media played a crucial role in her own career. “I found this character very relatable because I was discovered on Facebook. That’s how I came to Bombay and became an actor. Like Pallavi, I had big dreams and believed that social media could be the medium to achieve them.”

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