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PM Modi attacks Nehru and the Congress in Parliament.

In his response to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha today, PM Modi targeted the Congress party by blaming it for instigating the migrant crisis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the opposition in parliament today, blaming them for being responsible for the statewide spread of Covid and the migratory issue in the early days of lockdown, calling it “Paap (sin).” He claimed in an all-out attack during the Lok Sabha’s Motion of Thanks debate that the opposition did not do anything positive, such as advise people to take Covid precautions or do yoga.

“The Congress crossed the limit,” he said. “During the first wave, when we had lockdown, when WHO was advising that ‘stay wherever you are’… the Congress at the Mumbai railway station gave tickets to labours to go and spread coronavirus,” he said”.

Some key quotes from his speech

“Congress has lost the appetite for power but believes in the policy of sowing seeds that will strengthen separatist forces”.

“Had Congress been in power today, it would have blamed Covid for rising inflation and moved ahead”.

“Congress was winning elections since 1971 on slogan ‘eradicate poverty’; poverty didn’t end but people ousted Congress”.

He also accused the Congress of invoking tamil sentiments reffering to the speech made by rahul gandhi earlier in the parliament he said

“Congress attempted to hurt Tamil sentiments, it wants to divide & rule the country…I want to salute Tamil Nadu citizens who lined the streets for hours to pay tribute to CDS Gen Bipin Rawat…Divide & rule is in their DNA”

In a separate attack on India’s first Prime minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru he said

“Pandit Nehru had said that the Korean war caused inflation. He had said that any disturbance in America also caused inflation. He also gave up on inflation”

He also mocked the Congress over their overall bad electoral record.

In 1988, the people of Nagaland voted for the Congress last. Odisha voted for you last in 1995 — it has been 27 years. In 1994, you won majority in Goa single-handedly, but Goa didnt accept you since. In 1988, Tripura, 34 years ago, you got the mandate. In 1985, it was the turn of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat. In West Bengal, they voted for you last in 1972,” PM Modi said.



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