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PM Modi mounts a scathing attack on Congress in 2-hour speech in Parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an all-out attack on Congress while replying to the Motion of Thanks debate on Monday.

In a fierce attack on the Gandhis the PM said “talent is the first casualty of dynastic politics” he also listed things that would have been different “if Congress had not there”. 

“The Congress’s problem is it has never thought beyond its dynasty. The biggest threats to democracy are dynastic parties. And when a family becomes paramount then the first casualty is talent,” PM Modi said.

He said that if Congress wasn’t there, Emergency, Sikh riots, Kashmiri Pandits exodus wouldn’t have happened.

He also accused the Congress of being in the grip of urban Naxals, who are today controlling its thought and ideology.

During his almost two-hour speech in the Parliament, he also listed several achievements “the government can be proud of”.

The Prime Minister said that everyone must focus on how to take country forward in the next 25 years when India completes 100 years of Independence. Talking about COVID vaccination in the country, PM Modi said, “We are working fast towards achieving 100 per cent vaccination in country.”



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