Railway Protection Force Rescues 150 Women Under Operation Mahila Suraksha


New Delhi [India]: Railway Protection Force (RPF) and frontline railway staff rescued 150 girls and women from becoming the victims of human trafficking during the Force’s pan-India Operation ‘Mahila Suraksha’ conducted between May 3 and 31.

A total of 7000 persons were arrested for travelling unauthorisedly in the coaches reserved for women, officials said. With an objective of providing enhanced safety and security to lady passengers travelling by trains for their entire journey a pan India initiative “Meri Saheli” has also been operational.

283 teams (covering 223 stations) of trained ‘Mahila’ (women) officers and personnel with an average total deployment of 1125 lady RPF personnel per day, are deployed across the Indian railways who interacted with more than 2,25,000 women during this period and provided them end to end security, informed officials.

“Train escort duties with a mixed composition of male and female RPF personnel were also widely deployed during this period. Mixed escort duties commenced a few months back and are getting positive feedback,” informed the railway officials.

To educate the rail users regarding their safety and Dos & Don’ts during their journey, 5742 awareness campaigns were organised.

During this month-long operation, RPF personnel risking their own life saved the life of 10 ladies who had slipped while boarding/ deboarding the moving train and were likely to get run over by the moving train.

“Indian Railways is keen and determined to continue to enhance women’s security cover over the railway network,” informed the department in an official release.

The operation ‘Mahila Suraksha ‘was aimed at ensuring the safe and secure travel of women over the Indian railways. 


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