Raveena Tandon Takes Legal Action Over Defamation Post on Scuffle Incident Involving Her Driver


Actor Raveena Tandon has taken a strong legal stance against a man who disseminated false information about an incident involving her driver. The event in question occurred on June 1, outside her residence in Mumbai. As her driver was reversing her car, a family passing by believed the vehicle might hit them, prompting a heated argument between the three women and the driver. Raveena intervened to calm the situation, but the confrontation soon ended with both parties dispersing.

Following this incident, a video was shared online by a person claiming to be a freelance journalist. This individual accused Raveena of being intoxicated during the altercation, a claim that has been refuted by the Mumbai Police and CCTV footage.

In response, Raveena’s lawyer, Sana Raees Khan, highlighted that the allegations were not only false but also appeared to be part of a deliberate attempt to defame the actor. “The intent behind spreading these falsehoods seems to be rooted in extortion and a desire to gain cheap publicity at the expense of Raveena’s dignity,” Khan stated. The legal team is pursuing all necessary measures to ensure justice and address this defamatory campaign.

The defamation notice, issued to Mohsin Shaikh, who identifies as a social activist and freelance reporter, demands damages of Rs 100 crore. The notice outlines how the video has caused mental harassment and public defamation of Raveena, despite police investigations and CCTV evidence proving the allegations to be baseless.

The notice further requests the deletion of all defamatory posts regarding Raveena Tandon from the social media platform X. Several Bollywood personalities, including Kangana Ranaut, have expressed their support for Raveena. Kangana condemned the incident on Instagram, emphasizing the alarming nature of the confrontation and the necessity for accountability for such behavior.

Raveena Tandon’s legal battle underscores the challenges public figures face with misinformation and the importance of addressing defamation to protect one’s reputation. The outcome of this case will likely set a precedent for handling similar issues in the future.

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