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Retired Air India Employees Seek Cashless Medical Services Under CGHS


New Delhi [India]: The Air India Retired Employees’ Trust has said that the government had assured that “cashless lifelong medical OPD, IPD and lab tests” will be provided to retired Air India employees and their spouses who had opted for post-retirement medical scheme after privatisation of the airline and alleged that “cashless medical benefits” have been withdrawn.

In a press release, Air India Retired Employees’ Trust chairman Dalip Nim said government had in November 21, 2021, expressed its commitment to provide “medical facilities to the eligible retired employees of Air India”. He said the government had said that Air India provides “its retired employees and their spouses cashless OPD facilities, medicines at company clinics or retainer doctors, referral to specialists or super specialists or hospitals on the panel of the company on need basis and cashless hospitalisation coverage”.

“We have written to concerned authorities for ensuring cashless medical services, which each employee was entitled to earlier, should be given to the retired employees of Air India Limited under the cashless CGH Scheme,” the release said.

The release said that “cashless medical benefits/ facilities that were being provided to the retirees and their spouses have been completely withdrawn”.



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