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Rozgar Mela ‘Publicity Stunt, Cruel Joke On Unemployed’ by PM Modi – KTR

Hyderabad (Telangana): Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s (TRS) Working President and IT, Industries and Commerce Minister KT Rama Rao wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that the recent “publicity stunt” called Rozgar Mela is a “cruel joke on unemployed youth”.

He said that Modi had unveiled this new drama before elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Reminding PM Modi about his assurance to fill two crore jobs every year, KTR said that 16 crore jobs were supposed to be filled in the past eight years. He said that unemployed youth are waiting for them.

In the letter, Minister KTR questioned if a white paper will be released on the number of jobs filled by the BJP government in the past eight years. He has also mentioned the number of central government employees who retire annually, the impact of selling public sector companies, and other aspects.

Pointing to the number of jobs filled by the Telangana government, he questioned the central government about the number of employment opportunities it could have provided.
TRS Working President KTR said that the Telangana government has filled 1.50 lakh government jobs, and has initiated the process of filling 91000 more government jobs.

Besides, 16.5 lakh jobs and employment opportunities were provided in the private sector. This was done in the State with a 3.5 crore population.

Minister KTR has questioned the Central Government about the number of jobs it has filled in the country which has a 130 crore population.

Two lakh central government employees retire in our country annually. He said that the Central Government claiming that they have provided 75000 jobs in a day without filling 50,000 positions annually in the past eight years is not justified.

TRS Working President KTR said that the Central Government itself has stated that approximately 16 lakh more jobs have to be filled.

Pointing to the situation, Minister KTR has questioned what message they intend to convey to unemployed youth through this new stunt called Rozgar Mela.

Minister KTR said that during the announcement about Rozgar Mela, the Central Government stated that vacancies in 38 Central departments would be filled. He has asked about the remaining vacancies in the 38 Central departments and sought clarity on the time the vacancies would be filled. He asked if the central government will release a national job calendar for unemployed youth.

Minister KTR has also said that approximately two lakh people lost the opportunity of regularization of jobs as the Central Government is selling public sector companies.

He has reminded PM Modi that he wrote an open letter on June 9-2022 about providing employment opportunities to youth. But there was no response.



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