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Shraddha Murder: Water Bill An Important New Piece Of Evidence

New Delhi [India]: Five day remand of Aftab Poonawala ends today, and the Delhi police will argue for an extension of this remand at the Saket Court.

The police is also likely to produce some new evidence including a water bill in the name of Aftab.

Delhi government has subsidised water in the UT and the first 20,000 litres of water are made available free of charge.

So a Rs. 300/- pending water bill, raises suspicion, especially, since the two neighbours living on the floor above Aftab informed police that water bill of all other houses comes to zero.

“After the murder, Aftab used a lot of water to clean the blood stains leading to a high water bill and the pending bill. Neighbours told the Police that Aftab used to regularly go and check the building’s water tank,” the sources said. This is also why the police considering it to be a substantial piece of evidence.

The police have also got information that in the rent agreement, Aftab insisted on having Shraddha’s name before his, thus making her the primary applicant.

“The flat owner knew that they are not a married couple. They were given the flat through a broker. Aftab used to deposit Rs 9,000 into the account of the owner between 8 and 10 of every month,” the sources said.

The water bill is also likely to play an important role in the investigation. Today, if the court grants further custody to the police, they are likely to investigate this angle as well, according to the sources.

Earlier, Aftab had told police that before the murder there was a fight between the couple over the shifting of household items from Mumbai.

Police investigation revealed that the couple had a fight on May 18 during which Aftab killed Shraddha.



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