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“Something Like Anjali Would’ve Happened To Me”: DCW Chief Swati Maliwal Narrates Ordeal


Noida (Uttar Pradesh): Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal on Thursday narrated the incident where she was allegedly molested and dragged by an inebriated man after her hand got stuck in his car’s window.

DCW chief said that the man dragged her for 10-15 metres and if her team member and she had not screamed, something like Anjali would have happened to her.

“I went out last night on the streets of Delhi to inspect the situation of women’s security in Delhi. I wanted to see what big promises are made regarding women’s safety in Delhi and whether there have been any changes in them since Anjali’s incident. I was standing alone at the AIIMS bus stop and I saw that one by one car and trucks started stopping there and suddenly a white car came and stood in front of me and the man who was sitting in the car was drunk and he started asking me again and again and pressured me to sit in his car and when I told him that I will not sit in his car, he furiously left but after 10 minutes he was back again and forced me to sit in his car,” said Maliwal.

“I again told him that I will not go with him but he continued to force me and started making dirty gestures and started doing very dirty things. When I tried to catch him, he immediately rolled up the window of his car and my hand got stuck inside the car. Then he put his foot on the accelerator and the car ran at a speed and I was stuck in his car,” she said.

“He dragged me for 10-15 m. Then a man from my team and I screamed and he left me. If he had not left me then, something like Anjali would’ve happened to me….,” she explained further.

She further questioned the government over the ‘safety of women’ in the national capital.
“See what is the condition of the security in Delhi. This is women’s security that even the chairperson of Delhi’s Women’s Commission is not safe,” Maliwal said.

Maliwal’s statement comes days after a 20-year-old woman identified as Anjali died after allegedly being dragged in the Kanjhawala area of Delhi for several kilometres.



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