Taapsee Pannu Reveals What Drove Her to Start Working


Actor Taapsee Pannu reminisced about her early career motivations while chatting with cricketer Shikhar Dhawan on his show ‘Dhawan Karenge’.

Reflecting on her initial foray into modeling, Taapsee shared, “I started modeling for some extra pocket money. I genuinely love to spend money, ‘Delhi wale, Bade Dilwale’. My family used to tell me we don’t have that much money and you’ll start to understand the value of money when you start earning. So, I started working. Whatever I got I used to split with my sister equally.”

Recalling a heartfelt gesture, she added, “I gifted my father a Mercedes. The rear view mirror of the car got damaged, and he didn’t fix it for years. He knew that the glass would be expensive as it’s Mercedes. For the first time ever, someone must have made this many requests to gift something to someone. Now, he uses the car but he’s still very careful.”

Catch Taapsee Pannu’s full conversation on ‘Dhawan Karenge’, streaming on JioCinema.

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