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Temperature Dips To Below Freezing Point At Mount Abu


Mount Abu (Rajasthan): Temperature dropped to a below-freezing point at Mount Abu in Rajasthan on the first day of the new year as tourist flock to the only hill station of Rajasthan.

Tourists who had come here to enjoy snowfall were seen draped in blankets to keep it warm. At Mount Abu face-covered students were seen huddled around a bonfire to beat the cold. ‘There is a zero-degree temperature here. Ice (frost) had accumulated on the top of buses, and on the Shikaras (Houseboat). The weather is pleasant here. Kota is very hot. The adventure of Mount abu is very good. There is a lot of cold here,” said a tourist who had come to Mount abu for the first time.

“I celebrated the new year on Saturday night during a party held at polo Ground. We celebrated the new year in a good way,” he added.

“It was very cold when we came here in the morning. Now sunlight has come out. It gives a good feeling to shift from severe cold to moderate temperature. We are feeling better now. We have not enjoyed yet,” a tourist from Uttar Pradesh said.

“It makes us feel good to see ice here in Rajasthan. I work in Ahmedabad. So I planned to come here,” he added.

Another tourist who had come with his family to celebrate the new year said they got to see the snowfall here.

“We saw a lot of ice which had accumulated on the rooftops of buses and on top of Houseboats. This is a top-class hill station at arm’s length. We have an entire day left. We have to see a lot of places,” a tourist who had come from Madhya Pradesh said.



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