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Top 5 health benefits of Aloe Vera plant

Aloe vera is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants across the world. It has some great antioxidants and enzymes which helps to improve your health. Aloe vera is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. This is part of why it may help heal wounds and treat skin problems.

It is easily available and simple to maintain, one can even plant it in their rooms.

That’s why here are 5 health benefits of Aloe Vera you can avail yourself by including it in your lifestyle:

  1. Lowers sugar level: Aloe Vera helps in enhancing the insluin sensitivity in the body and helps in improving blood sugar managment. It has been obsereved by many people that aloe vera can benefit people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes due to its effects on glycemic control.
  2. Reduce Constipation: The latex is a sticky yellow residue present just under the skin of the leaf which creats laxative effect. The key compound responsible for this effect is called aloin, or barbaloin.
  3. Reduce Dental plaque: Best way to prevent tooth decay is to fight tooth plaque at initial stage. 100% pure aloe vera juice with the standard mouthwash ingredient chlorhexidine will help in reducing plaque accumulation in mouth. After 4 days of use, the aloe vera mouth rinse appeared to be just as effective as chlorhexidine in reducing dental plaque.
  4. Good for skin: Taking oral aloe vera gel increased collagen production and improved skin elasticity over a 90-day period. it is a natural moisturiser which helps to cool down your skin and helps with skin irritation, pimples and redness.
  5. Natural hair mask: If you have fizzy hair or dull hair, aloe vera gel can smoothen your hair and repaire you hair damage. Just apply aloe vera gel 1 hour before your hair wash, it has rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and E. These play a part in healthy hair follicles which will give a smooth texture and healthy hair within one-two wash.


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