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“Unfair For PM To…,” Tamil Nadu CM Stalin On Son Udhyanidhi’s ‘Sanatana’ Remark


Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India] : Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Thursday said that it was unfair for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “make comments without knowing what Udhayanidhi spoke” on the ‘Sanatana Dharma’

“While speaking at a Sanatan Eradication Conference in Chennai organised by the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association, Udhayanidhi Stalin expressed certain comments about inhuman principles preached by Sanatan. He expressed his views on Sanatan principles that discriminate against Scheduled Castes, Tribals, and Women, with no intention to offend any religion or religious beliefs,” Stalin wrote said.

“Many leaders in our Indian subcontinent, such as Thanthal Periyar, Mahatma Phule, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Narayana Guru, Vallalaar and Valkuntar, have spoken out against regressive Varnasrama – Manuvad – Sanatan ideologies, which justify discrimination based on one’s birth and the oppression of women. As an extension of that lineage, ideological arguments continue to resonate all over India against the justification of denying equal rights to the oppressed and women and exploiting them. Social scientists are well aware of this,” Stalin added.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said, “It is disheartening to hear from the national media that the PM mentioned that Udhayanidhi’s remarks need a proper response during a meeting of his council of ministers. The Prime Minister has access to all the resources to verify any claim or report. So, is the Prime Minister speaking unaware of the lies spread about Udhayanidhi, or does he do so knowingly?”

In his statement, MK Stalin accused Bharatiya Janata Party leaders of spreading a false narrative alleging that Udhyanidhi called for the genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts.

“Pro-BJP forces, unable to tolerate Udhyanidhi’s stance against oppressive principles, have spread a false narrative, alleging that “Udhayanidhi called for the genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts.” The Social Media mob nurtured by the BJP has widely circulated this falsehood in northern states. However, Hon’ble Minister Udnayanidhi never used the word genocide in either Tamil or English. Still, lies were spread claiming so,” he said.

“As far as the DMK is concerned, our ideals and goals are transparent and clear. We operate under the motto of “One clan, One God” and let’s find God in the happiness of the poor,” MK Stalin added.

Earlier in the day, Udhyanidhi released a statement clarifying his statements on ‘Sanatan Dharma’ and questioned the BJP leaders for twisting his speech as ‘inciting genocide’ and said that they are using it as a weapon to protect themselves.

Releasing a four-page letter on X, Udhayanidhi said, “Let us resolve to work for the victory of the ideologies of Periyar, Anna, Kalaignar and Perasiriyar. Let Social Justice flourish forever.”

“It is in this background that the BJP leaders have twisted my speech at the TNPWAA conference as ‘inciting genocide’. They consider it a weapon to protect themselves. What is surprising is the Ministers of the Union government like Thiru. Amit Shah and Chief Minister of states ruled by the BJP demanding action against me based on fake news,” he said.

Meanwhile, Udhayanidhi, along with Congress’ Priyank Kharge, was booked under Section 153A, 295A Indian Penal Code (IPC) over ‘Sanatan Dharma’ remarks after a complaint from advocates in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur on Tuesday.

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