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US warns of a ‘false’ pretext by Russia to invade Ukraine any moment

Despite Russia’s announcement on Wednesday that it has withdrawn its forces from Ukraine’s border following an increase in tensions between the two countries, the White House has cautioned that Moscow might launch a pretext to attack Kyiv at any time.

Addressing a press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the window for a Russian invasion of Ukraine remains open, warning that a fabricated pretext for an incursion could include reports like the one about mass graves in the Donbas region, reported news agency ANI citing CNN.

When reporters questioned what a “significant de-escalation” would entail, Psaki said it would be clear when it happened, but didn’t elaborate. She stated that the US was seeking a “verifiable decrease of soldiers on the Ukrainian border,” but did not specify criteria.

Russia’s assertions of removing soldiers from Ukraine’s borders have been met with scepticism by Western nations, who are urging their nationals to flee Kyiv ahead of a possible Russian strike. Moscow, on the other hand, has rejected any invasion intentions.



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