Vaccine for Indians in next few days- Union health minister

In a short period of time, India has done well by developing vaccines - Dr Harsh Vardhan


Union health minister Harsh Vardhan hailed the scientists and doctors for their work in the filed of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine development and said vaccines will be provided to the people of the country in the next few days.

He was speaking after visiting the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai to review the arrangements for Covid-19 vaccine dry run which is taking place today.

“In a short period of time, India has done well by developing vaccines. In the next few days, in the near future, we should be able to give these vaccines to our countrymen. It will be given to our healthcare professional followed by frontline workers,” Dr Harsh Vardhan told reporters. Tamil Nadu Health Minister Dr C Vijayabaskar was also present on the occasion.

“We’ve ensured that every detail is conveyed to the people from the national level to the grassroots level. Lakhs of healthcare workers trained and the process continues,” Vardhan added.

A dry run was carried out in eight districts on December 28-29 and the first countrywide drill was held on January 2. On Friday, the mock drill will be conducted in as many as 33 states in the second round of nationwide dry run.

“On January 2nd, we did dry run in almost 125 districts in the country and today, we are doing it across the country except the three states who did it earlier,” he said. Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh will not be participating in this dry run as they have already conducted them in all their districts.

“Request the NGOs working in the field of health to help in the smooth conduct of the Covid-19 vaccination program and mobilisation of beneficiaries in the best possible manner,” he said.

The Union minister also said that a three-day national immunisation drive for Polio will begin on January 17. “This is essential to maintain the overall immunity level of our country particularly pertaining to polio,” he said.


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