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Woman Alleges Sexual Assault In Delhi Metro, DMRC Seek Details

New Delhi [India]: A woman from the national capital, taking to social media on Thursday claimed that she faced sexual harassment by a fellow passenger at the Jor Bagh metro station in Delhi. She detailed the incident in a long thread of tweets.

She explained how the man on the pretext of asking her for directions, exposed himself to her on the station platform. “I normally don’t post on tweet, but the traumatising incident that I faced today at the Delhi Metro deserves the attention. This is going to be a long thread so please bear with me. While travelling on the yellow line today, I faced sexual harassment at the Jor Bagh Station,” Advaita Kapoor tweeted.

“The man had asked for my help with an address during the metro ride. I helped him, then got off at my station and sat on the platform to book a cab. The man approached me again at the station under the garb of confirming the address. Believing dat he needed help..,” she said.

The woman said that she even ran to a nearby officer, however, he said that he can do nothing and asked her to go to the other police officers and file a complaint.

“I peered into his file that he was trying to show me. At this point, I noticed that he was trying to thrust his uncovered penis in my face. He attempted to do this thrice. As soon as I noticed, I got up and ran because I was scared and couldn’t think. I approached a policeman…,” she further tweeted.

She added,”…standing on the platform, but he flatly refused to help me and asked me to go upstairs to talk about it. I was still scared but I somehow managed to go upstairs and found other policemen. I asked them to take me to the CCTV room so that I could recognise him. They did and..”

The woman said that she recognises him, but he fled away by entering a different metro.
“…I recognised him too. The entire incident was captured on the camera but then we saw him get into a different metro and leave. I asked them to do something about it but instead, they started victim blaming me and said dat I should’ve created a scene and that there’s nothing..,” she added.

Taking note of the incident, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) asked her to provide the exact time of the incident.

“Hi. Please provide the exact time of the incident. In such cases, commuters are requested to immediately report the matter to the nearest Metro staff or contact the Customer Care centre at the Station,” DMRC tweeted.

“They can also call, DMRC helpline no. 155370 or CISF helpline no. 155655 so that immediate help can be provided,” DMRC added. 



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