World Environment Day: Small Efforts Can Make A Huge Difference


New Delhi [India]: To mark the importance of ‘Mother Nature’, the World Environment Day is celebrated each year on June 5 to spread awareness regarding the protection and nurturing of the environment to make Earth a better place to live.

On the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’ it’s important for humans to understand the importance of Nature in our lives.

World Environment Day majorly acts as a platform to raise awareness or to warn mankind of the perils of global warming, pollution and climate change. Speaking of the history behind this day, World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the UN General Assembly at the time of Stockholm Conference and the day was first celebrated in the year 1974.

This year’s theme is ‘Only One Earth’, every year World Environment Day is celebrated with a specific theme with a great message behind it. This year’s theme highly draws its importance towards ‘sustainable living in harmony with nature’.

There is a need for consistent efforts by the entire mankind to save the planet. Even, a small amount of effort by every individual could lead to mark a huge difference to save the mother nature.

On this World Environment Day, we will be listing some steps on how every individual could put in small efforts, to make huge differences:

1. Spread awareness on an individual level
One of the simplest way to save your planet is to spread awareness on an individual level by speaking to family, friends, neighbours, children and also at your professional front. Do spread awareness about the environment in general.

2. Follow the 5R ‘Mantra’
Basically, 5R refers to refuse, reduce, reuse, renew and recycle. These concepts in general are taught to every person in their elementary school, but it’s best to remind people on the same. Always go for better conservative methods and adopt this concept in your everyday habits.

3. Go for Eco-friendly energy sources
It’s an alarming situation, to switch to environment friendly energy sources. It’s best to use electric vehicles or choose compressed natural gas, also known as CNG for your vehicles.

4. Opt sustainable clothing options
Opt for brands and clothes which follow sustainable manufacturing approach. This is one of the best way to be furiously eco-friendly about purchasing clothes.

5. Avoid plastic usage
Plastic is one of the most vital component behind the misery of this planet. It’s best to avoid plastic on a day-today basis. Avoid carrying plastic bottles or bags. As, plastic is non-biodegradable opt for biodegradable options. Instead go for cloth or cotton bags, things you can reuse and is safe for planet ‘Earth’.


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