Monday, March 27, 2023
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Would like to debate with PM Modi-Imran Khan

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan today called for a TV debate with PM Narendra Modi to resolve the bilateral issues including the issue of Kashmir.

In an interview to Russia Today News Imran Khan said, “I would love to debate with Narendra Modi on TV,” adding that it would be beneficial for the billion-plus people in the Indian subcontinent if differences could be resolved through debate.

The Pak PM also went on to say that the India he knew does not exist anymore and that the country has been now ‘taken over’ by the RSS ideology.

India and Pakistan have shared strained relations since gaining independence 75 years ago and fighting three wars since.

India has in recent times made it abundantly clear that “terror and talks cannot go hand-in-hand”, demanding Pakistan to crack down on terror groups and punish terrorists, some of who are designated so by the United Nations.



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