In Chilling Footage, Israel Embassy Reveals Hamas’s Horror From October 7 Attack


New Delhi [India]: In a televised screening for Indian journalists on Wednesday, the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi held a screening that revealed horrific and chilling videos of October 7, the day when over 2000 terrorists entered Israel from the Gaza Strip and carried out what is being considered the biggest terror attack against the Jewish nation.

The video showed body cam footage, mostly GoPro videos, cut together with clips from CCTV, dashboard cameras and the mobile phones of both Hamas gunmen and victims, which were sourced from Hamas’s body cameras and victim’s devices and social media.

In one of the footage’s, a terrorist purportedly can be seen saying, “Please open WhatsApp and look how many dead,” imploring his parents repeatedly referring to pictures or video he had sent home showing the attack. “Your son killed so many Jews,” he added. “Mum, your son is a hero.”

Some of the stark details depicting Hamas’ brutality showed terrorists shooting a dog multiple times who crosses his path to going on a shooting spree, aiming at houses and even firing on the tyre of an ambulance,

The screenings by the Israeli side are expected to be shown in around 15 countries with Australia, and New York (US) already completed and the one in France expected on Thursday.

Before the screening, the Israeli ambassador to India, Naor Gilon said, ‘We went to sleep Friday night with Hamas as a neighbour and woke up the next day with ISIS as a neighbour’.

In Israel, around 1,405 people have lost their lives, with about 5400 injured and over 200 taken as hostages. Five hostages have been released thus far, most of them following negotiations through diplomatic channels.

On Monday, the Israeli military said that it had rescued an Israeli soldier who was taken hostage from her army base on Oct 7.

Hamas earlier released four hostages: American Israeli mother and daughter on October 20 and two Israeli women three days later.

The Israeli embassy in New Delhi also has posters of Israeli citizens who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists following the October 7 attack.

On October 7, more than 3,000 women, children and men, ranging from the age of 9 months to 80 years were wounded, raped, murdered and beaten and brutally separated by their loved ones by the terror group Hamas.

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