“India does not need lessons from any country on rule of law”: VP Dhankhar

"India does not need lessons from any country on rule of law": VP Dhankhar

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday asserted that India is a democratic nation with a robust judicial system that can not be compromised by any individual or any group.

Describing Indian democracy as unique, the VP stated that India does not need lessons from anyone on the rule of law.

Addressing the 70th Founders’ Day celebrations of the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) in New Delhi, Dhankhar said, “Equality before law is a ‘new norm’ in India today and the law is holding those accountable who thought themselves as beyond law.”

“But what do we see? The moment law takes its course, they take to the streets, high decibel debates, camouflaging the culpability of the worst nature by human rights. This is happening under our nose,” he added.

Describing the Indian judicial system as robust, pro-people and independent, he questioned “What is justification for a person or an institution or an organisation to take to streets when law is set in motion?”

Calling for deeper deliberations on this issue, Dhankhar asked, “Can people orchestrate in complaining mode, a pernicious tendency to get away from rule of law? How can one engaging in transgression of law play the victim card?”

Suggesting that corruption is no longer rewarding, VP Dhankhar said, “Corruption is not a passage to opportunity, employment or a contract anymore. It is a passage to jail. The system is securing it.” He also questioned the reasoning that the corrupt must not be dealt with because it’s a festive season or it’s a farming season and asked “How can there be any season to save those who are culpable? Take the route to the rule of law, that is the only way!”

Praising the pro-people stand of the Indian judiciary, Dhankhar said “it is that institution of the judiciary that has met at midnight, met on a holiday, imparted relief.”

Questioning the tendency to target our institutions, the Vice President asked, “If a group of people without being registered or recognised party act as a political party, what do we do? They are not accountable, they get traction. We must rise above it.”

Noting that India’s rise is not digestible in some quarters, VP asserted that “by its civilisation, economy, size of population, democratic working India has to be in the global room where decisions are taken.”

Further advocating India’s case for the United Nations Security Council seat, he said that the institution the of the United Nations cannot be as protective and effective unless you have representation of a country like India that has the unique position of being the only country in the world to have constitutionally structured democracy at all levels.

On this occasion, the Vice President also inaugurated the renovated premises of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) and released several publications of IIPA.

Surendra Nath Tripathi, DG, IIPA, Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar, IIPA and other dignitaries were present. 

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