‘Bridgerton’ Star Charithra Chandran Criticizes Entertainment Industry Culture of Pitting People of Colour Against Each Other


Charithra Chandran, known for her role as Edwina Sharma in the TV series ‘Bridgerton’, has raised concerns about an entertainment industry culture that she believes fosters competition among people of colour, as reported by Deadline. Chandran expressed her views, stating, “It’s not a zero-sum game,” highlighting how industry gatekeepers perpetuate this mentality to create divisions within minority communities.

Joining a chorus of actors such as Dev Patel from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Aubrey Plaza, Chandran emphasized the need for solidarity among people of colour. She stressed that the focus should shift from internal competition to challenging the structures of oppression.

Acknowledging her growing influence, Chandran discussed the responsibility she feels as a public figure. She emphasized the importance of addressing issues like colourism and advocating for diversity in media representation. Despite the burden of representation, Chandran sees it as an opportunity to contribute to positive change in the industry.

Having transitioned from the Prime Video espionage series ‘Alex Rider’ to the acclaimed ‘Bridgerton’, Chandran’s career trajectory reflects her commitment to meaningful storytelling. With a background in theatre, she finds joy and fulfillment in her craft, drawing on her experiences at Oxford University.

As Chandran continues to navigate her career, she remains dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and challenging prevailing norms in the entertainment industry.

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