“Don’t try to win Cup, just hit the ball”: Sadhguru’s tip to Indian cricket team ahead of final


New Delhi [India]: With India reaching the ICC Cricket World Cup final, sports fever has gripped the country like never before. As the nation fervently supports the ‘Men in Blue,’ questions about how to secure victory in the final match are dominating the thoughts and discussions of everyone rallying behind the team.

In the now-viral video, shared on Sadhguru’s social media handles, a person asked Sadhguru for a tip for the Indian cricket team to bring the World Cup back. Responding in his inimitable style, Sadhguru said, “Don’t try to win the Cup, just hit the damn ball! If you think of this 1 billion people baying for the Cup, you will miss the ball, or if you think of all the other fanciful things that will happen if you win the World Cup, the ball will knock off your wickets.”

“So, how to win this World Cup? Don’t think about that. How to hit the damn ball? How to knock off the opposition’s wickets. That’s all you have to think about. Don’t think about the World Cup. Then you will knock off the World Cup.”

Earlier, sharing best wishes with the Indian cricket team before the semi-final match against New Zealand, Sadhguru’s channel on X posted a video highlighting the importance of the process: “Nobody can work on a consequence; you can only work on a process… Now, the process is a daily ongoing thing. Success is only in other people’s eyes. They think you are successful; they think you are a failure. But essentially, what you are doing is the process, right?” he said.

The final of the Cricket World Cup 2023 is set to take place at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat between India and Australia on Sunday. With the Indian team winning all 10 matches including the semi-final, the summit clash promises to be an electrifying one as the Australian team is also coming after registering eight consecutive win.

India breezed through the group stage, finishing on the top with 18 points after winning all their matches. The semi-final against New Zealand, in which India batters piled up a huge total, did produce some tense moments for Indian fans but Mohammed Shami struck at the right time to relieve the pressure. India won by 70 runs in the match played in Mumbai.

Australia also pulled through in the other semi-final and defeated South Africa by three wickets in Kolkata.

If India win, it will be their third World Cup title, and second on home soil.

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