“Gehlot government is no 1 in corruption,” says Amit Shah


Udaipur (Rajasthan) [India] : In a scathing attack on Ashok Gehlot’s government, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said that Gehlot’s government is number-1 in corruption.

“Gehlot Ji’s government is on number-1 one in corruption. This government has done the work of breaking all the records of corruption. Gehlot ji broke all the promises he had made,” Shah said while addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Udaipur on the completion of nine years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. He criticized Gehlot for failing to fulfill his promises and highlighted the need for his government to step down. He further said that “Gehlot ji is roaming here and there at this age but there is no use as the time has come for his government to end.”

Observing the overwhelming support from the crowd at the rally, Shah confidently asserted that the BJP would form a majority government in the 2023 Assembly elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. Pointing to the massive crowd at the rally, Amit Shah said, ” I can see on the ground in Mewar that the BJP is going to form the government with full majority in 2023 Assembly polls as well as in 2024 Lok Sabh apolls.”

Union Home Minister said that the nine years of the Modi government have been about the welfare of the poor. He stressed that the respect PM Modi got during his foreign visits is the respect people have for India. “The respect PM Modi is getting across the world is the respect not of BJP or anyone else, it is the respect of 130 crore people of this country,” he said. Shah further highlighted that 80 lakh farmers have received Rs 16,000 crores directly in their bank accounts and said, “80 lakh farmers have received Rs 16,000 crores directly in their bank accounts. This has been done by our PM Narendra Modi. PM Modi has ensured that fresh drinking water reaches the homes of 43 lakh families in Rajasthan.” Rajasthan will face assembly polls later this year.

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