“Gita Press is not just an organisation, but a living faith,” says PM Modi


Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India] : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday attended the centenary celebrations of Gita Press in Gorakhpur and said that Gita Press is the only printing press in the world which is not just an organization but it is a living faith.

“Gita Press is the only printing press in the world, which is not just an organization but a living faith. Gita Press is not just a printing press but a temple to crores of people,” PM Modi said. He said Gita Press was conferred with Gandhi Peace Prize and said that “On the occasion of Gita Press completing its 100 years, our government has conferred Gita Press with Gandhi Peace Prize.” “The spiritual light that illuminated here in the form of Gita Press in 1923, today its light is guiding the entire humanity,” he said.

He further added that “100 years ago the colonial forces exploited India…our Gurukuls were destroyed. When our printing press was not able to reach every citizen due to its high cost…Gita Press became the guiding force…We all are blessed to witness this organisation’s centenary celebrations.”

PM Modi remembered Mahatma Gandhi’s connection with Gita Press and said that “Gandhi Ji once used to write for Gita Press through Kalyan Patrika as he was emotionally attached to Gita Press.”

Prime Minister said that Gita Press is also proof that when your objectives are pure, your values are pure then success becomes synonymous with you. “Today, India is reaching new heights of development…This is the time to be free from the mentality of slavery and take pride in our heritage,” he added. He further asserted that from the moment he shared the photos of Gorakhpur Railway Station on social media, people were left amazed. They never imagined that a railway station could be developed in such a way. Established in 1923, Gita Press is one of the world’s largest publishers, having published 41.7 crore books in 14 languages, including 16.21 crore Shrimad Bhagvad Gitas.

The statement issued by the Ministry of Culture said that the jury headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi unanimously decided to select Gita Press, Gorakhpur for the Gandhi Peace Prize.

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