Majority of American Sikhs reject Khalistan violence: US Congressman Krishnamoorthi


Washington [US]: Indian-American Congressman from the State of Illinois, Raja Krishnamoorthi while offering insights into the potential threats presented by Khalistani activists has firmly maintained that Khalistanis are not representative of the broader sentiments of Sikh Americans, reported Khalsa Vox.

Significant worries have been raised by the resurgence of the Khalistan movement, which is mostly on social media and in some nations including Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia.

This is especially true in light of recent attacks on the Indian consulate in San Francisco. Senior US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi has expressed his views on the potential dangers posed by Khalistani activists.

Concerning the increasing frequency of these assaults, Krishnamoorthi, who has previously expressed his criticism of the consulate assault, was asked about the impact of the Khalistan movement which is a matter of growing worry given that the attacks are not isolated incidents.

There have been reports of incidents in the UK where the Prime Minister has Indian ancestry, and tensions have spread to the US West Coast, as per Khalsa Vox.

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Krishnamoorthi firmly argued in response that Khalistanis make up a very small percentage of the population. He contends that the opinions of Sikh Americans as a whole are not reflected in the small number of extremist Khalistanis.

He is certain that the vast majority of Sikh Americans and Indian Americans, in general, do not accept or condone the violence and intolerance that this outlier minority propagates.

In response to concerns about potential financial assistance and the rising international tensions brought on by Khalistani activism, Krishnamoorthi emphasised the significance of peaceful conflict resolution.

He strongly condemned such acts of intolerance and violence, making reference to a recent rally banner that contained the provocative statement “Kill India.”

It is notable to mention that attacks by the Khalistani elements on Indian missions across the world have been rising over the course of time.

On March 19, earlier this year, a group of Khalistanis vandalised the High Commission and showed disrespect to the Indian National Flag in London.

Such threats and attacks from pro-Khalistani elements rose after the killing of Khalistan Tiger Force chief Nijjar.

A ‘Kill India’ rally was scheduled by Khalistani elements in Australia, the UK, Canada and even in the US following Nijjar’s death.

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