Mumbai Police Launches Investigation into Deepfake Video of Ranveer Singh


Mumbai Police has initiated an investigation following a complaint from actor Ranveer Singh regarding a widely circulated deepfake video that depicted him expressing political views. Under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) section and the Information Technology (IT) Act, the police have registered a case and begun probing the matter further.

In the midst of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Ranveer Singh found himself ensnared in the deepfake phenomenon as a video purportedly showcasing him endorsing political ideologies surfaced online. However, it was revealed that the video was a deepfake, crafted using an artificial intelligence (AI) voice clone of the actor, during his recent visit to Varanasi.

Confirming the filing of the FIR, Ranveer Singh’s spokesperson stated, “Yes, we have filed the police complaint, and an FIR has been lodged against the handle promoting the AI-generated deepfake video of Mr. Ranveer Singh.”

Taking to his Instagram Story, Ranveer issued a cautionary message, urging his followers to be wary of deepfakes. This incident follows a similar occurrence involving actor Aamir Khan, whose deepfake video endorsing a political party also went viral. A clarification from Aamir’s spokesperson emphasized that the actor has never endorsed any political party throughout his extensive career.

Deepfake technology continues to raise concerns among celebrities and the public alike, highlighting the urgent need for awareness and vigilance against its potential misuse. As investigations into the Ranveer Singh deepfake case progress, authorities aim to address the implications of such fraudulent practices on individuals and society as a whole.

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