Union Minister Kiren Rijiju Rebuts Allegation Of Rahul Gandhi Over Women’s Reservation Bill

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju Rebuts Allegation Of Rahul Gandhi Over Women’s Reservation Bill

New Delhi (India) : Union Minister Kiren Rijiju on Thursday rebutted the allegations of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi that the Women’s Reservation Bill lacked quota for Other Backward Classes (OBC) and stressed to focus on the facts.

Taking to ‘X’ Union Minister Kiren Rijiju wrote, “This is for Rahul Gandhi and I hope he can read and understand it. Rahul Gandhi and Congress have raised questions regarding OBC representation in Parliament. Whereas history presents a different story. Consider this: In 1992, the batch of secretaries currently serving in the Government of India began their journey. During that period the Congress Party remained in power for most of the time. Then why did they not pay attention to OBC representation?”

Union Minister Rijiju asserted to focus on the facts.

“Official records do not include anyone’s OBC status. It is logical to ask for evidence, especially in light of the OBC background of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The history and work of Congress says a lot,” he wrote on X.

Rijiju wrote that India had an OBC Prime Minister leading a government with a record-breaking 35 per cent OBC representation among ministers.

He further wrote, “In contrast, the Congress has no OBC prime minister in its history and has opposed OBC leaders like Charan Singh and Deve Gowda. Rajiv Gandhi opposed the Mandal Commission, highlighting the gap between rhetoric and action. As actions matter more than speeches in Indian politics, Rahul’s questions should prompt Congress to reflect on its history and real contribution to OBC empowerment.”

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday extended his support to the Women’s Reservation Bill adding that the measure was “incomplete” as it lacks quota for Other Backward Classes (OBC).

“The moment the opposition raises the issue of caste census and Adani, the BJP tries to raise a new event so that the OBC community and the people of India look the other way.

In my research for the speech, I took a look at the different institutions that define how our country moves forward. There are many– Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, bureaucracy, the press. And I look with an eye to understand what is the participation of the OBC community in these institutions,” Rahul Gandhi said in Lok Sabha.

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