“AI is going to be very scary”: Rohit Shetty


Stating that “strict laws” should be made regarding misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI), filmmaker Rohit Shetty said that otherwise it is going to be “very scary, not just for films but on a national level.”

Rohit Shetty is well known for his action-packed films, and he is often associated with high-octane stunts and over-the-top action sequences.

Rohit Shetty in an interview said, “No one can stop anyone using AI, it will definitely come but it will also be risky. I was watching the interview with Elon Musk where he said it is going to be scary.”

Rohit also advised everyone to use AI very carefully. “We need to be very careful. I work so much with cops. Strict laws should be made regarding AI, otherwise, it is going to be very scary, not just for films but on a national level. For a country, it can be very dangerous,” he cautioned.

When asked if he uses AI in stunt scenes in his movies, Rohit Shetty replied, “I have started using it now like in face replacements which is a very different thing. Like the stunt guy whose physique is almost like your hero or heroine and for the risky shots you do the face replacement with your actor. Then we scan the actor’s face and do it and everybody is doing it now.”

Deepfakes use artificial intelligence to generate realistic and often highly deceptive content and recently it has also affected several celebrities, leading to their serious privacy violations.

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