“Have to start from where I started…”: Rohit Shetty on his son Ishaan


Filmmaker Rohit Shetty revealed that his son, Ishaan, aspires to enter the film industry. At 17, Ishaan has chosen a career in films, and Rohit is preparing him for the industry.

“He wants to get into films…he is 17 now but wants to get into films. He represents our third generation and has already made his career choice. He wants to be in films. But I told him, ‘Finish your studies first and then travel and work with me’. I am preparing him for the industry so that he doesn’t get blinded by the arclights. It should not come as shocker to him (Ishaan) that despite the fact we live in the same house, he rides an autorickshaw or a normal bike or bus and I travel in a car. He shouldn’t think that his father has changed. I tell him, ‘think as if you’re training, you’ve to start from where I started. You might have to put up at a hotel along with other technicians and that will be the best training for you than going to a film school’,” Rohit said.

Emphasizing the importance of finishing studies first, Rohit encourages Ishaan to gain practical experience and understand the industry from the ground up.

He believes that experiencing various aspects of life, including basic training, is crucial for anyone entering the film industry​.

“You’ve to cater to every kind of person. I know and appreciate the reality of an auto driver because I came from that place. I know what he is thinking as I can relate to that. I think every actor and director should go through that life. I think every parent who wants their children to be in films should let them travel, send them everywhere. Send them to every film school but it is necessary to do basic training which is the cheapest and most effective,” Rohit added.

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