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“Grave injustice to Muslim daughters…” PM Modi talks about politics around Triple Talaq issue

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India] : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hit out at Opposition parties for “vote bank politics” and their “policy of appeasement” and said that those who are supporting triple talaq are doing grave injustice to Muslim women.

Stating that advocating Triple Talaq is a “grave injustice” to Muslim women, PM Modi said that if it is a necessary tenet of Islam, then why Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh do not have it? “Whoever talks in favour of Triple Talaq, whoever advocates it, those vote bank hungry people are doing a great injustice to Muslim daughters. Triple talaq doesn’t just do injustice to daughters. It is beyond this; the whole family get ruined. If it has been a necessary tenet of Islam, then why was it banned in countries like Qatar, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh,” said PM Modi while addressing Bharatiya Janata Party booth workers in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal. Making a strong pitch for uniform law, he said that the country cannot run on two laws and that Uniform Civil Code was part of the Constitution. “Today people are being instigated in the name of UCC. How can the country run on two (laws)? The Constitution also talks of equal rights…Supreme Court has also asked to implement UCC. These (Opposition) people are playing vote bank politics,” he said. Notably, Part 4, Article 44 of the Indian Constitution, corresponds with Directive Principles of State Policy, making it mandatory for the State to provide its citizens with a uniform civil code (UCC) throughout the territory of India.

PM Modi, after flagging off five Vande Bharat Express trains on Tuesday morning, addressed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) booth workers in Bhopal. “Will a family function if there are two different sets of rules for people? Then how will a country run? Our Constitution too guarantees equal rights to all people,” PM Modi said in Bhopal today while addressing party workers under the BJP’s “Mera Booth Sabse Majboot” campaign. The Prime Minister further said that people are being instigated in the name of the Uniform Civil Code. “The Muslim brothers and sisters of India have to understand which political parties are taking political advantage of them by provoking them. We are seeing that work is being done to incite such people in the name of UCC,” he further said.

He said that appeasement politics had left many people behind, including the Pasmanda Muslims. “Pasmanda Muslims have become a victim of politics. Some people are using the politics of appeasement to break the country. The BJP cadre should go and explain this to the Muslims and educate them so that they do not fall victim to such politics” PM Modi said. “If they were really supportive of Muslims the Muslim brothers would not be poor or deprived…Supreme Court has also asked for the implementation of the UCC. But these people are hungry only for vote bank,” Modi said accusing the Opposition in the country of employing vote-bank politics of appeasement.



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